Five Minutes Per Day.
One Hour Per Week.

Six Weeks.

What to Expect

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  • Week 1 - Incipit (Kick-Off) - Welcome to the program.* Learn about the science of the 62R.

  • Week 2 - Amet (Bedroom Environment) - Learn about how light, sound and temperature impact your sleep. How should we setup our room for great sleep?


  • Week 3 - Morem Interventus (Behavioral Modification) - Learn what behaviors contribute to our sleep success. What things should we stay away from before bed? What should we be doing during the day?


  • Week 4 - Capulus (Coffee, Alcohol, and Sleep Pills) - Learn how the things we eat and drink impact our sleep. Does a nightcap help us go to bed? Isn't melatonin all natural?


  • Week 5 - Habitus (Habits) - Learn how human habit formation works. What habits have we achieved so far? What are the long term effects of the new habits we created?


  • Week 6 - Comparatio (Comparative Analysis) - Learn about different sleep measurement devices and the quality of data they offer. Learn how to read a hypnogram and know what your sleep measurements mean.​

Week 2 Breath with Sound
Week 3 Box Breathing
Week 4 Alternate Nose Breathing
Week 5 Ferris Wheel Breathing
Week 6 iRest 26 Min
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