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What is the Rest Node?

  • Zero-Blue® OLED Light

  • Full-Spectrum OLED Light

  • Relaxing Sounds Library

  • Guided Relaxation Techniques

  • Circadian Scheduling


The eyes tell the brain when it is time to go to sleep. It is absolutely critical to eliminate blue light. Our specialized light emits the correct light frequencies to help you fall asleep.

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Our Zero-Blue Light is Certified

IEC 62471 for no photobiological risk

to the skin or cornea

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When the morning light enters the eye, it resets the circadian rhythm. Our full-spectrum light the correct light frequencies at the exact same time every day, providing a consistent circadian rhythm.

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Our Full-Spectrum Light is Certified

IEC 62471 for no photobiological risk

to the skin or cornea

Relaxing sounds can put your mind at rest and block noise pollution. Even small noises can interrupt your sleep cycles. Our sounds make sure that doesn't happen. White Noise, Pink Noise, Rain, Ocean, Wind, Train and much much more!

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Our relaxation techniques are proven to calm the sympathetic nervous system response and reduce anxiety before bed. Practice Breathing Exercises and Meditation with experts from around the world. 

Circadian Scheduling

Building a circadian schedule is easy with the Rest Node. Input your wake time, how much sleep you need and it does the rest. Your "bedtime routine" turns on before you need to go to bed to begin the wind down process. After using the Rest Node for a few weeks, your body will begin to automatically relax when it turns on.

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"The REST NODE allows you to bring the world's best meditation practices right into your room everyday."

Janel Norton
Yoga & iRest Specialist

"Consistency is the key to positive sleep outcomes. The REST NODE is a sleep companion that sets all your routines for you."

Dr. Gaurav Mishra, MD


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